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DUNLINS IN MIGRATION And a special guest... Dunlins are amongst very confident shorebirds, which are always a pleasure of seeing and photographing. 4-5 of them where staying for a few days at Yvonand and gave us opportunities with Enrico to spend a nice lunchtime in their company. A few days later, a Yellow-browed Warbler was kind enough to show itself at

OCTOBER MIGRATION2020-11-04T17:51:07+01:00


PTARMIGANS IN AUTUMN COLOURS As an absolute fan of Ptarmigans, I decided to visit them during autumn to see the changing colours in the mountains and also the beautiful moult of the birds at that time of the year. As they are now turning towards their entirely white down plumage, they seek for snow patches to be better camouflaged and thus

FALL 2019 COLLECTION2019-10-15T20:28:00+01:00


DOTTERELS VISIT THE SUCHET It's that time of the year again! Dotterels are passing by Switzerland now on their way to Africa. Two of them stopped at the Suchet recently and as usual it was a pleasure to see this beautiful species close to home... Tried to obtain a few original images, which is not easy because it is a species

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PTARMIGANS ESCAPED ME THIS TIME I recently decided to go camping in the mountains to try to photograph ptarmigans, my favourite mountain chickens, but things didn't really go as planned... No ptarmigans close to my tent in the morning! :-( :-( They actually were on a dangerous slope, exposed to avalanches, pretty far from where I was... I

PTARMIGANS ESCAPED ME THIS TIME2019-04-16T11:49:46+01:00


ROOSTING OWLS During autumn and winter, Long-eared owls make roosts to rest during the day. The can aggregate up to more than 10 birds in the same tree! This year, a roost of 8-9 owls was located in a beautiful tree with orange-greenish leaves. This was a perfect occasion to take back some souvenirs from one of my favourite bird!

ROOSTING OWLS2019-12-14T17:16:54+01:00


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