In October 2018, I travelled to Madagascar to meet one of my very best friend from Switzerland, who was working there since nearly a year. She was working for Blue Ventures (, an organisation involved in the conservation of the coral reef in south west Madagascar, with a focus on working deeply in collaboration with local people to help them maintain a sustainable fishery practice. As the sea-life of the area was highly threatened by overfishing and inadequate fishing methods, they helped locals to apply appropriate fishing methods (including the use of restriction periods or restriction areas) to maintain stable fish and octopus populations.

I was fortunate enough to being able to visit several National Parks (Ranomafana, Isalo and Zombitse-Vohibasa) and discover other wonders of Madagascar like the Tsaranoro valley or the spiny forest near Andavadoaka. The culture of this country is by far very different from the European one, and it was truly a mind-blowing experience to discover this 8th Continent.

View on the spiny forest and the coral reef along the main track from Ifaty to Andavadoaka, in south west Mada.

The wonderful granite tower of the Tsaranoro dominates us on our way up. Getting on top of it is possible for “every day people”, as long as you deal with impressive terrain including walking on steep granite slabs and 4-5 easy pitches of climbing to reach the summit.

A four-days rest in Andavadoaka in south west Mada allowed beautiful views on the amazing sunset over the Mozambique Channel.

Among all the wonders of Madagascar, Cameleons are obviously one of the most striking creature you can find on the big island. Skilled local guides will help you find many of these animals (and many many other things!) in the different National Parks of the country.