I recently made the acquisition of a professional Canon printer and can now print on Hahnemühle Fine Art matt papers. A certificate of authencity will be provided with each Fine Art print, as well as chocolate from Chalet Chocolat 🙂 .

Other options are possible (picture in a frame, photo canvas, Alu-Dibond,…) but will necessitate the help of professionals, or printing companies such as ifolor or myposter. Please contact me for prices and further precisions if interested.

A few ideas…

The White Guardian

On the first days of snow in November 2018, I headed back with two friends to our beloved ptarmigans’ place to see if we could find some of them in the begining of the season. We were not deceived with about 20 of them there!
This one was resting quietly near a rock and eating some vegetation on the ground. Another awsome moment in the mountains and one of my favourite picture of this bird…

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On the south-western part of Madagascar, small ponds of water are found in open areas inside the Spiny Forest, one very particular biotope of this country. A few species of shorebirds nest precisely there, such as the Kittlitz’s Plover (Charadrius pecuarius).

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The Peace after the Storm

After a beautiful summer day in the mountains of Switzerland, we were cought in an enormous thunderstorm and had to come back down completely soaked after our hike. Even if the sunny day before delivered some very nice scenery, the landscape that was in front of us at the end of the storm was simply mindblowing! This peak emerging from the clouds and lit by the setting sun was surely very pleasing to the eye.

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Bearded Reedling facing Winter

The Bearded Reedling are fascinating birds. Their plumage is unique, but their biology also is: they change completely the surface of their stomach twice a year between summer and winter ! Hence, they have an entirely granivorous diet in winter but switch to insects during summer. Another wonder of Mother Nature…

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Glen Afric

Close to the Loch Ness is a less known and etraordinary  valley called Glen Afric. The old pine forest reminds some african landscape in a completely different area. A walk around Loch Afric is higly recommanded, and if you have time, venture more deeply in the valley to explore the different mountains from bothy to bothy…

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First Snow

A first layer of snow formed on the hills of the Jura mountains in Switzerland. One morning, while looking mainly for Hazel Grouse (without success of course), I came across these trees which looked welcoming to me. The time to find a good composition and I came back with a pretty nice memory of this unsuccessful wildlife experience.

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